School District 23Collaborative Model of Support – Partnership Project with SD23:

It is time to work differently in our schools to better meet the needs of our diverse learners. Central to the success students’ learning experiences are teachers who act responsively and intentionally based on a sound research regarding quality teaching and support for diverse learners. In this project educators are part of a collective of professionals who work collaboratively to ensure the learning needs of each individual are met. In order for the power of this collective to work, schools and classrooms that adopt a belief system that embraces inclusion and incorporates differentiated strategies and structures that enable all learners to thrive. Through collaborative planning, teaching and reflection educators respond to the diversity of learning in their classrooms. Teams from elementary, middle and secondary school teams come together several times a year to further develop and share their Collaborative Models of Support. Approaches explored include School-Based Teams, Collaborative Teaching, Class Reviews, Universal Design for Learning, and Backward Design (Understanding by Design).

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