LeytonSchnellertPhD25945Dr. Leyton Schnellert is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus. He teaches courses in the Elementary (ETEP), Middle and Secondary (STEP) undergraduate programs. These courses include The Developing Learner, Middle School Integrated Methods, Language and Literacy in Education, Literacy for Diverse Learners in Middle and Secondary Grades, and Guided Reflective Inquiry Project (GRIP).

Before joining this faculty, Leyton was a Faculty Associate at Simon Fraser University. As a Faculty Associate he developed and taught in graduate diplomas in the areas of special education, diversity, literacy and learning theory. Most recently he coordinated Simon Fraser University’s Master of Education in Educational Practice (MEdEP) Program. Within that program, he taught Qualitative Methods in Educational Research, Foundations of Action Research, and Fieldwork.

Leyton has been a middle school, junior high, and secondary school classroom teacher, and a learning resource teacher for K–12. He has 20 years of experience as a school- and district-based resource teacher and professional development facilitator across British Columbia, the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Dr. Schnellert has presented and published his work in local, provincial, national and international forums. Leyton is the co-author of four books written to support teachers to bridge research and practice. He is also Past President and Conference Co-Chair of BC Teachers of English Language Arts (BCTELA) Professional Specialist Association. He has been a member of several curriculum and assessment committees and writing teams through his involvement with the BC Teachers Federation, BC Ministry of Education, and Northwest Territories’ Education, Culture and Employment.

Published Books

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  1. Leyton,
    I missed you at the Faye Brownlee session. Bev Craig said you stopped in. Rats! I wanted to send you a hard copy of the Learning Together Inquiry project we concluded with Nancy Hinds a few weeks ago.

    David Barnum

  2. Hi Leyton – I keep hearing great things about your current work, and remember your work in Richmond and know that you’ve been a stellar educational leader all along! Monica Pamer (recent Superintendent in Richmond, where we both worked) mentioned your name when I was inquiring about a project I’m involved with. I got to know Lillemor Rehnberg when I was doing my doctorate, and she visited BC and Richmond schools several times in the late 90s. She especially loved our multiple-intelligence based school Jessie Wowk. It was so much fun for staff and students to have visitors from Sweden! She teaches education at a university in Uppsala, Sweden. In the spring of 2017 (May or early June) Lillemor a small contingent of Swedish educational leaders would like to come and be inspired by what is currently happening here in BC, visit schools, see some of the innovative ideas unfolding in BC classrooms. Monica thought you might be a good contact to help set something up for these leaders. Apparently you work with Shelly Moore in Richmond, and though I don’t know her, I hear good things about her too. In terms of accommodation, visiting schools in the lower mainland would probably be easiest, but these are open minded people, and might also enjoy a trip to the Okanagan – we’ll see! Anyway, let me know if you mind be able to help with this project. Lillemor is a riot and I’m sure the whole thing will be a blast!

    I can be reached at :

    Dr. Chris Mann
    #11 – 5298 Oakmount Crescent
    Burnaby, BC V5H 4S2


    H. 604-435-0774
    C. 778-772-4334

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