Podcasts & Videos


Literacy for Diverse Learners

In this podcast Dr. Leyton Schnellert discusses the importance of self-regulation and metacognition in literacy learning. Strategies such as four words, collaborative summaries, and exit slips illustrate how teachers can support students to develop self-regulation and metacognition in the classroom.

Pulling Together

Do you feel pressured to cover an impossible amount of material in your English language arts curriculum? How can you use longer units of study to achieve a saner pace while still developing thinking skills and assessing effectively? Listen as Mehjabeen Datoo and Leyton Schnellert discuss their latest book, Pulling Together, and how teachers can use as few as three units during a school year while using diverse texts to engage students, differentiate, and build confidence.


Teacher Collaboration

When great minds come together that share the common goal of enhancing student learning and achievement, great things happen. Educators are incredibly creative and effective at what they do. Coming together benefits everybody: educators and students.

The Class Review

Learning is a social enterprise and classrooms are rich grounds for learning. Students learn with and from each other. The unique makeup of each class determines the dynamics of the classroom. In order to ensure effective student engagement, it is important to understand and consider the strengths, interests, areas of need for students, and group to effective learning in the classroom.

Teaching and Learning in Diverse and Multi Grade Classrooms

Leyton’s presentation explores ways we can all work together to respond to diversity. The presentation looks at designing instruction and developing learning-centred classrooms that build enduring understandings, thinking strategies and skills.

Success for All: Working Together to Support Students with Special Needs

Leyton looks at ways to engage all learners, from designing instruction that responds to diversity, to developing learning-centred classrooms where all students engage in deep content learning that builds thinking strategies and skills.

It’s All About Thinking: Collaborating to Support all Learners

In this video, Leyton and Faye share some thoughts and insights into their latest book, It’s All About Thinking: Collaborating to Support All learners.

UBC’s Next Big Thing

In this video interview, Leyton discusses the University of British Columbia adolescent literacy research.